Flicker effect on visual performance and driving behavior

Autoren: Huang, Lin

Kategorie: Technikfolgen und -abschätzung

Chair: Kluge

The purpose of this research is to explore how the flicker effect might affect drivers’ visual performance as well as the driving behavior. Among various driving scenarios, we focus on investigating the potential stroboscopic effect caused by ceiling lights inside a tunnel. More specifically, we aim to reduce the visual load on the human eye and to evaluate the driver’s fatigue by minimizing the flicker effect. A compromised way between traffic safety, driving comfort, and cost-effectiveness is essential for modern tunnel lighting design in order to allow the driver quickly adapting to the tunnel lighting, while helping the driver to see the surrounding environment, identify obstacles, and reduce traffic accidents.
In this experimental study, we construct road tunnel driving scenarios in VR (virtual reality) using HMD (head-mounted display) in a driving simulator. The virtual driving environment is built based on unity (Unity Technologies, US) including the tunnel ceiling lights. In addition, we introduce physical LED bulbs to represent actual tunnel lights in some experimental sessions. An eye tracking module is placed in the HMD and used for capturing the driver’s eye movements. During driving tasks, the participant’s eye movement behavior is observed and applied to evaluate whether the virtual driving environment can fairly reflect the actual driving scenes. We consider the brightness and uniformity of road surface as the main assessment, and further use the illuminance as a supplement to confirm whether the light source output of the lamp is most cost-effective and safe.
There is no significant difference between the data captured by the eye tracker and the participants’ driving behavior in the driving simulation experiment and the actual road tunnel driving behavior. Furthermore, we suggest the placement (layout pattern including position and frequency) of modern LED ceiling light for road tunnels. With the optimal design, the driver can clearly recognize obstacles, remind signs, and other precautions inside the tunnel while reserving driving performance and comfort and reducing visual fatigue.

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