Perception of Peripheral Visual Cues in Augmented Reality during Walking: A Pilot Study

Autoren: Faulhaber, Schmidt

Kategorie: Digitale Assistenten

Chair: Kluge

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are expected to become more and more popular in the future and might even replace smartphones someday. They are relevant for diverse mobile and multitasking contexts, e.g., for navigational assistance where information is displayed while the user is performing a primary task such as walking. In these contexts, it is particularly important to display information without obscuring essential areas of central vision and without imposing additional cognitive demand on the user. One possible solution is to present informational cues to the peripheral vision. This is additionally interesting given that peripheral vision plays an important role in visual perception in motion and of moving objects. However, peripheral vision has certain limitations that need to be taken into account when designing such informational cues.
The objective of the present study was to investigate how to design peripheral visual cues in AR to achieve efficient perception during walking. We conducted a pilot study with six participants and tested different versions of directional cues while the participants were either standing still or walking along a predefined track. More precisely, triangles appeared in the top-left or top-right corner indicating the respective direction. The triangles were displayed in the following three versions: simply popping up, moving towards the indicated direction, or changing color. The study was in a within-subject design and the AR glasses Meta 2 were used. Reaction times, errors, and subjective workload ratings were collected and analyzed.
We will present the results from this pilot study and discuss how to design peripheral visual cues in AR with a focus on mobile contexts of use such as during walking. Thus, the results provide indications regarding the design of AR applications and open up new fields where further research is required.

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