Why the change in mobility could take even longer than many had hoped. An overview of opportunities and risks in the German Ridepooling market

Autoren: Dorynek, Weinmann, Bengler

Kategorie: Technikfolgen und -abschätzung

Chair: Kluge

While all the technical components of our lives as well as our lifestyles are constantly changing, the question also arises as to how our (personal) mobility will change and develop. Fact is we are increasingly on the move. The road network is reaching its capacity limits.The need to relieve conurbations from motorized private transport and demographic change, which is particularly noticeable in rural areas, pose major challenges for public transport.

At the same time, there is a lot of criticism for public transport. Potential users complain that it is too fragmented, too complicated and has too many gaps in services. There is a widespread conviction that ridepooling will increase the service effectiveness of driving services. Now new mobility providers with new business models and services are increasingly pushing onto the market. Many transport companies are cooperating with them and experimenting with mobility approaches. In ridepooling, the greatest point of contact with the customer remains the vehicle chosen.

The provision of the vehicles takes place in different ways. The digital ridepooling providers are companies with a low depth of goods, which is why the vehicle procurement usually remains with the transport company or existing capacities are used. The question arises as to who provides the best solution and can bind the customer to their service in the long term. For this reason, many providers in Germany were compared with each other and best practice was sought.

To summarize the results in terms of comfort from the customers point of view, the following can be noted. Comfort plays a decisive role in the success or failure of ridepooling offers. Currently, however, the topic receives relatively little attention from the providers. Furthermore, it has been recognized that above all the vehicle basics must be right. For example, a good accessibility of the seats when getting in and out, as well as a comfortable seat, form the basis for a feeling of comfort. Other equipment elements can increase the feeling of comfort, but are not yet on the priority list, which is certainly also due to the difficult economic situation of the providers.

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Dorynek, Weinmann, Bengler